Top 5 ways to increase bookings at your hotel and how to compete with new-age hostels

1. Social Media Presence

Make sure your hotel brand has a Facebook & Instagram pages. Many a time, travellers check out brand pages to know more about business details. Good brand image on social media influences buying decisions of customers.

2. SEO

With good SEO, you can improve site performance and thereby increase google ranking. When you appear at top of Google pages for 'right' keywords, your get more site visits and then ultimately, it's your website that takes care of the rest!

3. Website

OTAs are there but what about your own website? Every prominent hotel (from 1 star to 5 star) has a beautiful website showcasing:

- About Services

- Places to visit

- Number of rooms & other facilities like valet, swimming pool, terrace cafe etc.

- High quality photographs

- Booking Enginer: Search, Book & Pay

- Contact & FAQ

4. Engaging content: Compete with hostels

Yes, you read it right. Hostels or solo bag packing chains are taking away market share. You still prefer OTAs and offline vendors for bookings. However, hostel chain guys are flooding the social media platforms with engaging content pushing potential travelers to follow/ like/ comment on their posts.

Solution? Be smarter. You alreay have a legacy product. Position it right for the modern audience. Hire MST and build solid brand identity.

5. Paid Ads

Social Media Platforms and Google offer comprehensive solutions for advertisements about your brands and offer. With correct messaging and content, one can expect exceptional results. Contat here how MST can help you in lead generation using paid digital marketing.

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