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Top 5 things you should do for building your business's online identity in year 2021

Somebody would tell you to have a good website, others will say it doesn't matter. Let us break it for you on how to create your brand's online idenity in 5 simple ways:

  1. Brand Pages on 'relevant' Social Media Platforms: Be where your customers are. Social Media Marketing does not mean to be present everywhere. For any small business, budget is a constraint and to utilize it wisely, one has to choose channels for optimized spend. If you are a business selling directly to end customer such as coca cola, apple or nike, or a salon business or a florist, then best platforms are Instagram and Facebook. There is accelerated adoption of these platforms amongst youngsters & general audiences. For someone selling directly to companies such as Singapore's Nitrous or Global brand Accenture or a tech services company or accounting firm, then perfect way to create digital persona for your brand is via LinkedIn & Twitter. Most professional users and further, seeking such services, spend substantial amount of time on these platforms.

  2. Website: Yes, somebody was right! Website is kind of your 'digital address'. You should have a website that showcases products or services offered by you, what are pricing points, how can a potential customer reach out to you & is there a way to book meetings (if required). Having ample payment gateways also help in capturing more market for you are making it easy for them to pay. Try to have a chat support feature on your website where you can address any query a customer may have. Note, this is required even if you have a FAQ page.

  3. Indexing on Search Engines: So, you have a website & social media presence. But, chances are that Google - most popular search engine in the world or Bing (from Microsoft) or any other similar engine are not displaying your result. The problem may be indexing. You should get all your pages indexed and submit site to these popular platforms. Use link below on how to submit your site to Google:

  4. Right Citations: To improve rankings on Google and get more organic visitors to your site, you need to get your company detail's submitted to popular local websites. Creating backlinks are easiest way to rank your website in the organic results. Few general websites for submitting your site are mentioned below:Some local listings that should be a part of your core structured citations are: a. Yelp b. Yellow Pages c. Foursquare d. Bing e. Facebook f. Factual g. Yahoo! Local etc.

  5. Reviews: Make sure to have your good customers sharing feedback on Google Reviews or other popular platforms where you sell such as Amazon, Lazada, Carousell, Qoo10 etc. The customers even infact as influencers at times when they post about you on their own personal pages.

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