The craze of Bubble Tea in Singapore

"What's best thing post removal of severe lockdown?"

"Bubble Tea Shops have opened up again"- says Ms. Fann Wong, who works at a interior designing firm at Raffles Place. Her obsession with the tea dates back to couple of years. 'There is always a queue, no matter what time you come', she added. Whether it is healthy or unhealthy, that is out of context. What's important is that it is very tasty and amazing drink to hold while you are working on laptop, or talking to a friend or just mindfully enjoying the drink.

'Apple as a product is best marketing tactic ever' - Unknown.

Similarly, Bubble Tea, as a product has grown over the city and it's popularity is unmatchable. Infact, people are coming up with games like 'bubble tea themed card game'. Check here. As per article from The Straits Times, 'it can be played in three different ways - "Original Play", "Bluff" and "Boba the Builder".

The main catch is 'chewy tapioca balls' that are ingredients to this famous drink.

'Why would I drink if there are no balls' - says a cyclist who drinks the bubble tea for fun. Contrast to his healthy lifestyle, he calls this as cheat drink and consume it 2-3 days a week. That's quite sugar intake. Isn't it?

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