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Returns for your investment on Online Marketing

'You can't control what you can't measure' - Unknown

If you are investing in social media marketing, then at some point of time you should get returns. However, digital marketing or any type of marketing do not offer tangible or direct results.

There are many ways with which one can measure performance of social media marketing agency. Check them below:

  1. Lead Generation: Any marketing campaign is designed either to create awareness or generate sales. Looking at sales funnel, if you are getting organic qualified leads from social media pages, then probably your agency is doing 'amazing' job.

  2. Followers & Likes: If there have been gradual increase in followers & likes, it certainly means organic content marketing is working well. Of course, with right paid campaigns, there can be drastic increase in these numbers.

  3. Mentions: How many times your website or brand name is tweeted on Twitter? or mentioned on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? Perform social listening of your brand.

  4. Sentiment Analysis: Your brand is quite popular on social media, right? What if people are saying bad things about your brand? How to keep a check? What are market sentiments? Perform Sentiment Analysis of your brand on social media to keep check on same.

  5. Campaign Performances: All social media platforms generate comprehensive campaign performance reports. These help in checking output of the ad campaign. You can ask your social media agency to share summary along with reports for your references.

At MST, we offer weekly reports to our clients sharing performances over the week. This include engagement activity, leads generated, followers & likes statistics & more. This can be customized as per client requirement.

Contact MST here for social media management, digital marketing or content creation services.

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