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Top platforms for B2B Brands

If we have limited budget, then we suggest utilizing LinkedIn and Twitter network for promoting your B2B product or service while performing social media management and digital marketing.

Why Twitter & LinkedIn?

Ways to do social media marketing on LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn Page: Attract followers and build brand awareness with engaging content on a LinkedIn Page

  2. LinkedIn Ads:

- Sponsored Content: Ads in LinkedIn Page Feed

- Sponsored Messaging: Engage your audience on LinkedIn Messaging

- Text Ads: PPC/ CPM Ads

Ways to do social media marketing on Twitter

  1. Twitter Page: Build a strong Twitter Brand Page with regular tweets

  2. Twitter Ads:

  3. Promoted Tweets: Boost your brand tweets

  4. Promoted Page: Boost your twitter profile

  5. Automated Ads: Curated ads from Twitter

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