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How to build a credible brand identity online for small businesses?

Step 1: KYC

You read it right! You should identify your ideal customer segment for product/ service offering. You should be able to identify your customers in terms of age, gender, location, behavior, interests, buying habits and so on.

Step 2: Create social media pages & be consistent

Plan your day well and make sure you spend 'sometime' on social media on daily basis. Consistency is the key. Retweet, share, like and comment on good & relevant content by other companies/ brands.

Step 3: Engage with audience

Now you are spending time with audience, better do it in more engaging way. Ask questions & appreciate them over comments & DMs.

Step 4: Tell stories about your clients

Take a paper and pen down your great clients, for whom you created immense value. Ask them to share feedback and promote the same in form of stories with your audiences

Step 5: A step deeper: Convert the story into case study

If it is worth telling it, make the story more comprehensive and add elements like graphs, charts etc to further backup your story. Make it a case study for potential customers.

Step 6: Learn from Leaders

Spend enough time on social media pages and search for leaders in your sectors. See, what they are doing and what you are not doing. Learn from them and you may implement similar strategy too.

Step 7: Wordpress Blog

Why not use simple and elegant designs from wordpress and start writing about your brand, services and sector on blog. Try to generate original content for your readers.

Step 8: Video opportunities

Look for relevant video opportunities in your life - while traveling to work, while eating, at home or out with friends. Video content is consumed 75x faster than text content.

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