How Singapore Hawkers can improve sales with affordable marketing tactics?

Hawker Centers in Singapore is not just a food hub but of historical importance. They have been there since decades and forms valuable part of our system.

There has been increase in number of hawkers and fortunately, this is good for everyone. However, given the tremendous competition, there is pressure on sales too. We compiled a few affordable ways with which Hawkers can improve their sales:

  1. Social Media Pages: Create a brand page on Facebook & Instagram and showcase your food menu along with testiomonials from customers.

  2. Videos on how you maintain covid-19 guidelines: In today's pandemic era, this is the most important aspect any customer looks at before visiting any hawker shop. Although Singpaore Government is pushing for strict enforcement of rules, still there is dilemma in minds of Singaporeans about how restaurants, bars and shops at hawker centers are preparing food. A transparent video of 'preparation of food' can strengthen the confidence in consumer's mind.

  3. Offering combos: This is quite useful in improving Singapore Dollar (SGD) earned per customer. Why cannot you combine a hot beverage with roti-prata?

  4. Tieup with food delivery services: Another way to improve your reach in market is to list yourself as a vendor with likes of Grab, Food Panda, Deliveroo etc. A lot of my own friends order from hawker centers listed on these apps.

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